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watch youtube videos offline

Google has  added an option for watching YouTube videos offline from YouTube mobile app. It has some limitations like a video will only be there for 48 hours. It can be played only via YouTube app. Here is a step by step illustration how you can save for watching videos offline A new download button… Read More »

How to Hide last seen from Whatsapp

“Last seen” – a feature of #whatsapp which has created lot of fights between friends. Its a feature which sets the expectation that if you were last seen after the message was send to you, a reply is expected from you. Every feature of an app has its own advantages and disadvantages. Good news is… Read More »

Do you Use Google effectively ?

  Every one of  us uses #Google but the question is do we use it effectively. Some of us open the first site as Google to check whether internet connectivity is there or not. Sometimes we open some common sites with Google too, without taking the pain of typing the name of the website. So,… Read More »