Best Android App for SMS by Microsoft

By | June 16, 2018

Do your SMS App has these features ?

Is it best Android App for SMS ? Nothing is best though.

1) Categorization of SMS (Personal, Transactions, Promotions)

2) Marking the message as important (marking as Star)

3) Automatic rules to delete some not required SMS (Example :- OTP message, promotional message more than a month old)

       4) Mark Read all messages in one go

5) Check only unread messages

Because the app you are using might not be the Best Android App for SMS

Best Android App for SMS

Best Android App for SMS

There are many more features you may explore

I have tried all the different apps like messages,textra,messegner. Many such that are available in the play store and listed as best app.

I found this app to be the most useful and also its by Microsoft, so reliable than few others in the market

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