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By | December 1, 2016

Do you know a way by which you can extract the text from the image below ?



Have you ever felt the need of extracting text from an image ?

These days we receive a lot of  images on WhatsApp. Facebook is filled with images and quotes. Newspaper have some good text in the editorial and other sections.

Why do you need to extract text from the image ?

  • You have a picture and you want a certain text out of it. A line from a news article
  • You may need to put a quote as your WhatsApp status or update on Facebook
  • You are so lazy to type the text.

Why type when there is an easy way around


Let’s come to the Solution

There is a mobile app “Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner) – Android App Install Link /  Iphone App Install Link   which can extract the text from an image

How to use ?

You just need to select the image and rest taken care by the mobile app. Very easy to use app.

Here is a small video explaining how to use this app ?

There is an easy way by which you can extract text from an image.You can leave a comment if you like/dislike the post.

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