How to earn with Google Opinion Rewards

By | April 7, 2018

Earn with Google Opinion Rewards

Its very simple to earn with Google.

  • You just need to install an app which is made by Google from the play store. [link of the app is at the end of the article]
  • The app will send you 3-4 questions in the survey. Each question will have 3-4 options.
  • There is no right or wrong answers to the questions. You can select the answer as per your choice
  • Once the survey is completed you will get the rewards amount. The amount can vary from Rs 9 to Rs 21.

How many surveys will come ?

There are 3-4 per month. It just take 1-2 minutes of yours

In this video, you can see the demonstration of the survey.

I have answered few questions and got the amount from Google.

How to use Google earned amount ?

You can buy some apps pro/paid version with this money. for example :- There are apps which will allow you to play youtube even with your screen off which are paid.

There are many apps like Nova Launcher which you can buy and make your phone look better than other Android phones

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Link for the mobile app – Google Opinion Rewards

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