Do you still use (PrintScreen + MSPaint) to share Screen shots?

By | December 10, 2013
It’s very common these days that you need to take the screen shot of the some transactions/confirmation messages/crop your picture. When you use print screen button, it captures whole screen basically some other details also, which you don’t want to share sometimes like all things are opened in your system (shown in taskbar). So it becomes a lengthy task press screenshot (print screen button), open paint, crop that portion and then save as image and finally attach.

The below simple steps will explain you how to use the small 300Kb software to do this task in seconds. I have been using these tools for last 3 years and make my life easy.
Screen Capture Software – Download link
Step 1: Click on this icon “Capture.exe

Step 2: Press {alt + F1} or {windows + A} to activate the tool
You will be able to see a ‘+’ symbol which will help you selection of image/text/cropping/highlighting
Step 3 :-  How to use (its very easy, trust me once you complete step 1 , tool itself will help you doing things)
Step 3a  
     1)   Ctrl+ left drag} to draw arrows  for highlighting things
  2)      {shiftleft drag} to draw ellipse for highlighting things
        3)      You may use a right click to draw any free hand drawing
Done, once you have highlighted things, now you can use left click (without any button press) to highlight the portion you want. It’s there in your clipboard, now {ctrl+ v}
Example: It took 3 second to do the below thing
This tool is named as “Chris Harlow’s quick screen-shot utility” {}. Special thanks to Chris Harlow for creating this wonderful light weighted tool.
Happy sharing, please don’t forget to ( ‘+1’ and ‘Like’ ) it, to share this everyone. Also would love to hear your comments/suggestions below

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