MakeMyTrip Interview Questions

By | October 28, 2016
Here is a list of MakeMyTrip interview questions which was asked in the interview held at MakeMyTrip, Gurgaon office. The job was for the profile of QA engineer with skill set – Unix, Database, Automation, Web testing. The interview was conducted in March 2016. But the questions do not change much and these questions and their answers everyone should know who are working in QA domain
I have tried to segregate questions into different categories.

MakeMyTrip Interview Questions

MakeMyTrip Interview Questions


  • Write test cases for a lift ?
  • What are a high priority and low severity bug ?
  • What is memory leak testing(since it was written in my resume) ? is it different from Java Heap concept ?


  • Write a program to open a web page ?
  • Do you know fluent waits ?
  • What are the different types of waits in Selenium?
  • How to Achieve synchronization using Java?
  • Do you know Architecture of WebDriver ?
  • Is WebDriver a class or Interface ?
  • What’s the difference between XPath and CSS locator ? when to use which ?
  • The difference between absolute and relative XPath ? which one to use where ?
  • Can we write like WebDriver Drv = new WebDriver (); ?
  • What happens when we write like below ?
            WebDriver drv;
             Drv = new firefoxDriver();
  • Whats the difference between drv.get and ?


  • What is the difference between default and protected?
  • What is overriding? Can you write a program implementing the same?
  • What’s the difference between hashmap and hashtable ?
  • What is the entry set ?
  • What is the difference between class and interface?

Web Related

  • Whats’ the difference between Cache and Cookies ?
  • Suppose we changed the logo of MakeMyTrip and all clients are still seeing the old logo because of old cache what we should do so they see new logo ?
  • What’s the difference between SOAP and REST?
  • What’s the difference between put and post method used in REST ?
  • How do you see the same ads on multiple sites, suppose you visit and added a product to your cart. You will see that on facebook in advertisement how ?
  • How is ‘get’ different than ‘put’ ?(security)
  • Do you know what is WADL ?
  • What is an app server and Web Server ?
  • For a form having username and password which validation will happen at client side(javascript) and which all validations will happen at the server side.


  • You have 1 to 100 numbers in an array out of which one number is missing. you need to find it out ?
  • There is an array having values like which data structure would be best to store this information so we have unique data ?
  • There is a 3×3 matrix like below. You need to print numbers in this sequence 1 2 3 6 9 8 7 4 5 ?

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

  • You have a string str1=”makemytrip” and str2=”mmakemyprit”. Basically, str2 is a jumbled version of str1. Write a program to convert str2 into str1
  • Write a program to find the area of an equilateral triangle


  • There is a file in which MakeMyTrip is written in different lines. Write a single line program or command by which you can tell in which lines and how many times in that line MakeMyTrip is written ?
  • What’s the use of top command?
  • what’s the use of sed command?
  • Replace all occurrences of a word in a file in Unix ?
  • Write 5 different commands by which you can create a file ?
  • Write a shell script to find out the word which has the maximum occurrences in a file?
  • What is the use of df & du command ?


  • 4 prisoners wearing 4 hats(2 black , 2 white), A can see B & C. B can see C. C & D cannot see anyone. You have to tell who is wearing which cap ?
  • There are 3 bags marked wrongly A–> Red balls B–> Black Balls C–> Red+Black balls. you have to take out a ball only once from one of this bag and change the labels to find out correctly which bag is having which balls ?
  • What’s the maximum number of runs a player can score in a 20-20 Match ?
  • You have two eggs. You have to find out the minimum numbers of throws to check from which floor the egg will break?


  • Write SQL to retrieve data from different databases X Y Z ?
  • Write SQL to update a salary in a table ?
  • Do you know the parallel command in SQL ?
  • Can you give an example of a group by clause ?
  • Can we use where and having the clause in a single SQL ?
  • There are some employees and their salary stored in a table. write SQL to retrieve employee’s salary and the numbers in front of them like below.

1   1000

2  2000

2  2000

3  4000

4  5000

4  5000

  • Write SQL query to retrieve employee name from starting 10th digit and up to 10 characters ?(substr)
  • Write SQL query to retrieve employee name’s 10 characters from the end ?(instr)
It includes question up to third round as I was able to reach that round.
Nearest Metro Station to MakeMyTrip IT office is IndusInd Bank Cyber City Rapid, DLF Cyber City = ~2.5 Kms
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