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By | March 8, 2015

Would you like to make decision and don’t have coin. There are times when you are confuse and want to take some decision where you rely on tossing a coin.

You are dependent on a coin which will decide your decision by showing either head or tail.

If you are in such situation and don’t have a coin or you may be at a place like airport,train,class,office where you can’t flip a coin.

Following android mobile app as well as a website can come to rescue in such situation which are very easy to use

Toss online coin – Just Flip a coin

just flip a coin online

Head or tail on android app – Toss Coin


Touch to toss the coin


Coin in the air




Tails is the result


Toss again

Heads is the result



Mobile app version has the advantage it can be used offline once installation of android mobile app is done.

Hope you like the two new ways of taking decision in some situations

There is a cheating more. We expect you to not to use it.

Try both and let me know in case you faced any problems or you have some good alternatives by leaving some comments below

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