How to Hide last seen from Whatsapp

By | May 3, 2014
“Last seen” – a feature of #whatsapp which has created lot of fights between friends. Its a feature which sets the expectation that if you were last seen after the message was send to you, a reply is expected from you. Every feature of an app has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Good news is you can control this whatsapp feature now. Initially it was available only on beta version, now its for all. Follow the below snapshots to change as per priority.

Step 1:- Select settings in whatsapp

Settings under whatsapp

Step 2:- Select “Account” under Settings

Account under Settings

Step 3:- Select ‘Privacy’ under Account

Privacy option Whatsapp

Step 4:- Select different privacy options as per your preference

Note :- If you remove/hide last seen from whatsapp for your profile, you will even not be able to see for others(will be shown blank(. but there is a work around, switch it on for some second, check for whosoever you want to check and again switch off.
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