Paytm Interview questions for Testing-Manual/Automation

By | December 5, 2016

This is my personal interview experience at Paytm for the profile of Test engineer. The post contains paytm interview questions.

Role :- It was for both manual and Automation. Experience required was 2 to 8 years. There were more than 50 candidates. But everything was getting conducted smoothly.

Interview Date :- 3 Dec 2016

Interview Location :- Paytm Office , Noida Sector 5 . Nearest metro Station is Sector 15

First Round :- Online Test

There were 2 options here

1) Manual

2) Automation

A computer system was given where you can enter any of the URL(manual/automation) as per your choice. I opted for automation.

There were total 29 Questions and 30 minute time. The questions were from Unix, Database,Selenium in the automation category. Below are some of the Paytm interview questions which i remember. They were multiple choice questions.

Let me separate it into different section Unix,Selenium,Database,Aptitude,testing

paytm interview questions

Paytm Interview Questions


  1. What is the correct sequence of keywords in SQL ? from, where , select . Answer :- Select from where
  2. What is the use of ‘Between’ in SQL ? Ans. It is used for Range
  3. Where command reduces the number of rows or columns in a result ? Answer :- Rows
  4. SQL is a ? a) programming language b) data Sublanguage c) DBMS d) Operating System . Answer :- Data Sublanguage
  5. Find the Query with correct syntax.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    a)select * from in table where value in = ”  ”  b) select * in from table where value=”paytm interview questions” c) select * from table where value(“paytm interview questions”);       d) select * From table where value in(‘paytm interview questions’) Answer :- d
  6. Command which is used to update data in a database are ? a) DDL b) DCL c) DML d) none  Answer :- c) DML


  1. What option  will be used so that file is saved and don’t exit in vi editor ? Answer :w
  2. Which grep command can find these patterns ‘Bob’, BoB’ , ‘BOB’,’BOb’ from a file called cat.txt ? Answer :- grep ‘B[oO][bB]’ cat.txt
  3. Which sed command can replace all occurrences of cat with mouse in a file a.txt ? Answer :- sed ‘s/cat/mouse/g’ a.txt
  4. Which command can you print the 32nd line of a Unix file ? Answer :- head -32 file.txt|tail -1


  1. Which command is used to send the text to a textbox ? Answer :- sendKeys()
  2. Which is the default browser supported by WebDriver ? Answer :- Firefox
  3. WebDriver is used for ? a) Quickly create test cases b) create cases in Selenese
  4. Which command is used to verify title ? Answer :- verifyTitle
  5. Which command is used to compare table data in selenium ?
  6. Which of these is not a locator ? a) classname b) id c) Xpath d) password

Earlier i have published the list of  MakeMyTrip interview questions


  1. A father told his son that I was as old as you are today when you were born. Father’s age is 38 now. What was son’s age 5 years ago ? Answer:- 14


  1. What are some of the factors which are not considered in exit criteria ? a)  Logging of outcome of test execution b) Reporting of data c) Matching of data from exit criteria

I was able to remember only these questions. The questions in online test were easy if you have used Unix,database and basics of selenium

Second round – Face to Face

  1. How can you know the number of tables in a database ?
  2. Write a program to open Gmail in selenium ?
  3. The program you wrote to open Gmail will work on windows,ubuntu, but may not work on Linux/Unix  why ? Ans :- because these OS does not have the UI for browser, so you may need to include some libraries
  4. Write a Unix command which will print all lines in a file which are before “Paytm interview questions” ? For example. :- suppose this text is present on the 5th line then all the lines before i.e 1 to 4 should be printed. Answer :- grep with -A option
  5. What is the use of groovy scripting ?
  6. What are the assertions in Groovy scripting ?
  7. How can you run selenium programs from a CLI (Command line interface) ?
  8. How can you run a SOAP project from a CLI ?
  9. You want to run an API but before that, you need to check if 4 services on 4 different servers are running ? So what you will do ? Will you write a script in Unix on those servers or you will write in Java from where you are doing your automation ? Can you write a wrapper in Java for this ? What are all arguments you will pass to the wrapper class ?
  10. What is Memory Leak Testing (Since it was written in my resume) ?
  11. How in java we make sure memory leak does not happen ?
  12. Some questions on the automation framework I have worked on ?
  13. What will you do so that your Soap Project runs at 0200 am at the night ?
  14. For the Soap Project to run at night at 0200 am you need to make sure that Web server and database server
  15. Your selenium script is not able to find an element on a page which was working fine earlier. What are the possible reasons ? Name,id etc is still the same.
  16. Write a Uunix command to kill a process.
  17. What is the signal used during a kill command.

General Discussion

  1. Where do you stay ?
  2. Who all in your family?
  3. Why do you want to change the job ?
  4. What if you will be just asked to do manual testing for 8-9 months ?

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Discussion about the 3 divisions of projects they have. One of them is wallet.

The interview was taken by a knowledgeable person and have suggested things that should be worked upon in a project. He was more into how you will connect different technologies to make your solution work and avoiding some common problem.

There are 2 offices of Paytm here. Check the sector mentioned in the interview email. Paytm Office is near Sector 15 Metro station.

All the best, hope it was useful

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