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By | November 4, 2013

In our day to day life,in office or at home, there are some sites which we will open almost every time, whenever we open our system. So why we do the typing again & again and multiple times in a day. 
Sometime we use browser bookmark option, but there also, you have to click for each link to be opened in browser.

3 simple steps and also you will learn something.

 Step 1 :-      Open Notepad

Step 2 :-      Type this into the notepad file with the links you want to open on one click

                      @echo off
                      start  /d  IEXPLORE.EXE  sitename

      Step 3 :-      Save the file as .bat

Step 4 :- Click this


-> Default browser will be used for opening the links
-> You may right Click this file and edit it anytime to add or remove links
Explanation – Batch Scripting 
Basically what we are doing we are setting “echo off” which means link name should not be printed on command prompt. 
In the next line we are giving START command for browser passing the URL as argument. 
There may be other ways too.
Happy Sharing, In case of doubts/suggestions/appreciation , please feel free to comment.

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  1. Anjani


    “After opening the site like Gmail, i would like to see my mails directly without giving Username and password manually”


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