Do you know this about your gmail id

By | January 17, 2017

Gmail is one of the most common mail provider used by people. It has over one billion active users. It’s good to know these 2 simple Gmail tips

But do you know these simple things about your Gmail id which you are using for years

Gmail Tips

Gmail Tips

Tip #1

Dot(.) In your Gmail id does not matter

All the above email ids are equal. You can use dot (.) anywhere in your email id of Gmail.


So next time you tell someone your email id. You can add dots if your email is too big and is combination of numbers
or you can remove dots whatever you feel comfortable

Tip# 2

You can use anything after a plus symbol in your email id before @ symbol

Here the actual email id is , However all  email ids are same because whatever you write after your emailid+ symbol does not matter
All emails will come in the same inbox.


You might have seen you get so many spam emails. Your email id get shared by some sites where you actually sign up to some third parties. So whenever you sign up on a blog website, you can give email id as
Now you can filter out all email by searching you can now know that couponsworld (example) have shared your email id with others.
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