Use Paytm Without Internet 180018001234

By | January 25, 2017

Do you know you can now use Paytm without Internet?

Step 1

1). Dial.  1800 1800 1234  from your registered Paytm mobile number
2) It will ask you to set the 4 digit pin number(Don’t share this with anyone).
Once you set it, you are ready to use Paytm without internet
Paytm Without Internet

Paytm Without the Internet

To transfer money to another Paytm users without internet, follow these steps

1) Call this toll-free number 1800 1800 1234
2) Press 1 to transfer money
3) Enter Paytm mobile number( example 9810012345) to whom you want to transfer
3) Enter Amount to transfer (example 10)
4) Enter your pin 4 digit(example 6589)
It will repeat the amount and mobile number, you can confirm or correct the data entered.
Dial this number 180018001234 and you can understand it very well in 2 minutes
If you want to verify the number you can just Google the number and you will find its listed on Paytm website. Also, can be validated on Truecaller.
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