Earn 1123 GB space online in 15 minutes free

By | January 15, 2014
Today we will show you how to earn online, but it’s not directly money. We will share how you can earn space online. And its recommended these days to have data stored online(cloud) so that you can survive unexpected crashes.

Updated this post on 10 March, 2014 , added “mega” which is providing 50 GB free. 

Proofs of the huge space i have online



Do you know, Flickr.com is offering 1 TB free space ?
1 TB = 6 lakhs photograph of 5 MP each(approx.), Do you have those many ? Most of us wont, so basically you can store all the pics you have taken till now creating a Flickr account(it accepts yahoo account credentials too)
Its not only photographs , there are documents too which are important which may be your salary slips, appraisals, your important documents, Investment Proofs, Certifications, etc
So don’t waste time and take 5-10 minutes and get the space , just you need to provide email id(whihc you provide to all sites) and you have your account and all the below are reliable names.


Free Space(GB) Referral Bonus
www.flickr.com 1024( 1 TB) NIL
Data Encryption enabled          


www.Dropbox.com 2 0.5GB/Invite
By Microsoft earlier name was Skydrive
7 0.5GB/Invite
www.box.com 10 NIL
www.drive.google.com 5 NIL
www.mediafire.com 1 GB/Invite 
https://www.copy.com 15 5 GB/Invite
Total 1 TB + 73+50 
These service providers brings on different offers at times by which you can earn more space.You might be having account on some of these, but better to create on all to have such a huge space.

I have made use of such offer and have 50 GB  in box & 30 GB in Dropbox accounts. So signup today and you may install the respective mobile apps from Android or Iphone App store, etc to access your files from anywhere on the Go.

You can comment with your referral links(of Dropbox, copy,media fire) –below  so that you and the person clicking on the link both get benefited with free space.
Referral links looks like –  https://copy.com?r=mDgq6n if you create using this , i will get 5GB + you will get 5 GB 🙂 , so create and paste below your referral links

You may apply 2 step-authentication to most of these account to be safe 

Hope you liked it

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