Self Study Material for ISTQB Foundation Level Certification

By | February 3, 2014
ISTQB – Foundation Level Certification Tips
Six months back, I have cleared this exam and based on my experience sharing the way to prepare for the ISQTB certification
There is lot of material available on #Google for questions for #ISTQB foundation level exam and the problem is most of them have repetitive question.Will you study all the questions for ISTQB which are available online and that too with repetitive stuff?
2 simple suggestions/resources more than enough to clear the certification/exam.
You may buy this book OR you can download it from Internet if you are comfortable reading online. No need of any kind of training from any institute for ISTQB. Its a simple one.
Foundations of Software Testing

This book contains the overall syllabus of ISTQB Foundation level in the form of 6 chapters, each chapter having 20-30 pages. Book will also help in knowing concepts related to testing. It’s not just exam specific. You will gain knowledge.
 2)      Question Bank/dumps for ISTQB
After reading the above book, you can answer 90% of the questions for ISTQB available on the below link. If you cover these questions, you will feel most of the sites have similar questions
                                          Link =  Questions for ISTQB Foundation levels
Some advantages of clearing ISTQB
  • Any certification you do, you have an edge over others as you did something extra.
  • You will get your theoretical knowledge correct apart from the execution and planning activity you do on daily basis.
  • You will get to know the answers for some of the questions you see posted on various forums like “When to start/stop testing”, “difference between defect/bug/error” , “difference between sanity/smoke testing” and there are many such questions.
  ISTQB Logo in your Resume.


One of my friend cleared recently following this advice. He just studied the book and some 2-3(00) questions from the link, but I would suggest cover all 1100. Questions for ISTQB foundation level exam would not be directly copy pasted but would be easy to answer if you have read the book.
Exam Related details are present at : by Indian Testing Board.
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