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By | March 1, 2014
A guardian for you system/laptop which allows you to control yours/your friend/mom/dad/girlfriend system who don’t bother to clean it up regularly and calls you for troubleshoot.
I have been using this software for more than 3 month and it helps a lot by letting you know what is creating problem in the system, latest important software updates, optimize system performance,clean up unnecessary things and the best thing is with one click. No need to #Google how to do blah blah… ?

What you have to do ?
Install the software in the system/laptop by signing up here  Soluto (site link). First read the full text.. 🙂

How to use ?

Login to your account online and it will show you different options to clean temporary file, update some software, system crashes, etc


No need to check if some software latest version is available online :-

It will show you and you can click from online interface itself to install and it will start the update in the system from respective site

Remotely control the system

Without any installation of any third party system.

Reduce boot time of laptop/system

It makes you aware some of the things which you are not using to uninstall them or disable them so as to make boot time faster for your system

No need to open software regularly

You will be notified in mails about all the below details even if you don’t login into your account
More than one device

You get reports  :-
So you can check if any system failure failure happened. Its very much useful for Technology Guys.
You can add mobile devices too apart from your desktop to get the report online. Mobile has comparatively less options but still you can give a try to get
Still not satisfied check out the video from company itself
Explanation via Video
Soluto(Site link)

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