How to use whatsapp on desktop

By | January 22, 2015

Whatsapp is the most popular chatting app which is being used widely. Recently they have launched the web version by which user will be able to chat through their laptop/desktop.

 how to use whatsapp on desktop (PC)/Laptop

Step 1:-

open in chrome browser on pc/laptop.

Step 2:- 

Navigate to “Whatsapp Web” on your mobile[android only]

    Activate whatsapp web version

                                                             Click on Whatsapp web version

Step 3:- 

A scanner will open after step 2 and with the scanner just scan the QR code shown on chrome(step 1) via your smartphone

Scan this code

Scan QR code

Web version of whatsapp will open and now you can start chatting.


  • Your mobile should be connected to internet till the time you are using whatsapp on desktop. You will see below error if not connected
  • whatsapp-not-connected to internet

    when-whatsapp-not-connected to internet

  • You should have the latest version of whatsapp 2.11.498 or higher(android only as of now)


  • You can type via keyboard, so chat will be a little faster


  • As of now available only for chrome and you will see following message in other browsers
  • Also only for android and will be available soon for iphone users
  • Most of the options are in view mode like changing profile pics, your whatsapp status,adding members to group
  • Can only be open in one tab at a time in the browser, if you try to open in another tab you will see below error.
Whatsapp Error

Error when Whatsapp opened in another tab of chrome

You can close the chat sessions either via


whatsapp-log-out via chrome

whatsapp-log-out via chrome



whatsapp mobile logout

whatsapp mobile logout

You can even add some more devices (office/home laptops/desktops) to use whatsapp any time.


You can try the alternative to whatsapp which does not has these many cons and a chat application which has larger number of users and is known as Telegram – it has its android application too called as Telegram

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